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Title: Estimation of Magnetic Source Depth from Aeromagnetic Data of Bida Using Gradient Inversion Method

Presenter: Dopamu, K. O.

Date: Thursday, 22nd September, 2016

Time: 3 – 4:30 Pm

Venue: Main Physics Laboratory


A quantitative interpretation of the aeromagnetic anomalies of Bida (Sheet 184) in the North Central Nigeria has been carried out using Gradient Inversion Method. The study area is bounded by latitudes 9.0ºN - 9.5ºN and longitude 6.0ºE - 6.5ºE, covers 55 km² and form part of the Bida Basin. Regional anomalies were removed from the total magnetic field using 2D least square analysis. The resulting residual data were plotted to obtain 32 profiles for depth estimations. The depths estimations were obtained from the analysis of the profiles and their horizontal gradient. The estimated depths to the magnetic sources were found to vary from 0.32 km to 3.60 km. The results indicate that the maximum thickness of the sedimentary basin in the area is approximately 3.60 km. With the sedimentary thickness of this magnitude, the area may be target for petroleum exploration, hence recommended for further investigations. Keywords: Gradient Inversion Method, Residual anomalies, Aeromagnetic Data, and Bida.