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Every 1st of December the United Nations joined by various bodies in the world commemorates World AIDS Day across the globe to raise awareness on the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). The day is also set aside to mourn those who have died of the disease since 1988. It is also meant to show support for people living with HIV/AIDS. Today, it has become an obligation for Governments and health officials, non-governmental organizations and individuals around the world to observe the day, often with education on AIDS prevention and control. It is worthy of note that the World AIDS Day is one of the eight official global public healthcampaigns marked by the World Health Organization (WHO).The theme for the year 2016 is “Accelerating Momentum in HIV Prevention.”

As a way of joining the rest of the world to make the day memorable in the annals of history, on Thursday, 1st December, 2016 Landmark University through her “Word Casters” platform, a student group that uses inspirational quotes, words, poems, drama, and rhymes to inform and motivate all and sundry, most especially the ‘amazing Landmark University’ community presented a piece at the Chapel service to further sensitize the University community on issues pertaining to HIV/AIDS.

The poem below as presented by the members of the Word Casters shows the need for all to be aware of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and to stand up against the plague that is threatening human existence.  It also calls for an end to the blame game in our society about the menace and urged all to take full responsibility towards seeking an end to the disease.


Has the Doctor ever told you that you have AIDS?

Have you ever gone for a checkup                                                                              have you ever been tested?

Do you know your status                                                                        

Do you know where you stand                                                                                  

Isn’t it ironic that AIDS is one of the few things in which being positive is bad and negative is good.

Let me be the bad one here and advise “Stay Negative”.

Shall we blame someone who says his mother murdered him from start with this terrible disease?

Or is it his fault, he was negligent?

Has the local nurse, using the same needle or blade

Shall we also blame the youth,

who don’t even know the meaning

of safe sex or abstinence

Why do we find it easier pointing fingers

rather than giving out handshakes and hugs?

For how long shall we continue to aid AIDS in killing our people?

So on this 1st day of December 2016, it’s WORLD’S AIDS DAY

Today, we stand with the 78million people

infected and 3.5million that have died.

Can we stop with the discrimination!

And realize that this criminal in our nations

should be the one we should look away

and not its patients.

Then we can see that until this war ends

let us be smart, vigilant and play safe.

So let’s join the fight lets live and love

Because I know AIDS is not on the Calendar

but trust me, its days are numbered.






King Chukwuma Odera (Chemical Engineering 300L)& King Ichagba Robert (Civil Engineering 300L) making their presentation during the Thursday Chapel Service, 1st December, 2016