Landmark University Chaplaincy is the SPIRITUAL bastion of the University. We initiate and enforce all the Spiritual development and administration of the Institution as “Spirituality” forms the bedrock of our existence as a Christian Mission University, our approach to Spiritual development is purely based on principles and practices drawn from the Holy Bible. This is done with a view to enhancing the Spiritual life of the faculty, staff and students of the entire University Community through;

  • Pastoral Care Services
  • Chapel and Church Attendance
  • Counselling
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Chapel Programmes
  • Workshops and Conventions
  • Group Studies
  • Community Outreaches

The Chaplaincy through our chapel services and various other programs have succeeded in driving our students towards building and maintaining an intimate and personal relationship with Christ and influencing the whole community towards a more vital relationship with God. The Chaplaincy has worked towards enhancing the spiritual life of staff, students and the entire University Community by providing challenging and life-applicable biblical teachings intended to result in transformed lives which would culminate in the emergence of graduates equipped to have a transformational impact on our society in particular and humanity in general. Pro 23:12; Job 32:8 Our students have found in the Chaplaincy, a refuge, a home of safety and an ark of safety offering needed spiritual counseling and emotional comfort. Ps 91:1-2; Isaiah 61:2 Having as our Mission “generating spiritual programmes designed to achieve the spelt out vision and mission of Landmark University”, the Chaplaincy have developed and implemented faith-building programmes that encourage our Kings and Queens to mature in wisdom and character and motivate them to develop into global leaders in line with the Vision and dream of the University. The seven (7) core values of the University remains our focal point as we reflect each of them in our messages and exemplify them in our actions.