Landmark Development Venture (LMDV) also known as Directorate of Endowment and Resources Development Service was officially inaugurated March 2011 by the Chancellor. It was established to oversee the Business Enterprises of the University community and drive the revolution of these enterprises through the forces of demand, supply, marketing, innovation, and revenue generation. The enterprises under the supervision of the directorate leadership include


University Cafeteria is fast growing with expanding student population and set to meet the food/nutritional needs (continental and domestic dishes) of students, staff, visitors and the entire University community at large. It has a state-of-the-art dining hall for every one and all occasions that include University buffet, dinner etc.


The University Bookshop is stocked with various types of books i.e. academics, motivational, spiritual, as well as cards and all forms of stationeries. It is positioned to meet the learning, teaching and material needs of students and staff on campus.

Shopping Mall

The Shopping Mall is a supermarket centrally located for easy access by visitors, staff and students and it is stocked with a wide range of items including provisions, cosmetics, home and kitchen utensils, body accessories (wrist-watches, ties, bangles, ear-rings, beaded accessories, cuff-links etc), clothing (shirts, skirts, blouses etc) and gifts at affordable prices

Guest House

The University Guest House is an ultra-modern facility comparable with 3-star hotels. It is a home away from home and has lots of first class rooms for lodgment, restaurant, relationship spot and functional gym for exercise. It is affordable and managed by highly motivated, skilled and courteous staff ready to make your comfort a priority.

Business Centre:

The Business Centres are located in different parts of the University and are fully equipped with all forms of machines that include photocopier, scanner, laminating machines, computer systems etc. They are meant to satisfy typing, binding, photocopying, and coloured and/or black/white printing needs of the University community.

Students’ male and female butteries

The Butteries which are mini markets located at the male and female hostels serves as the grass-root neighbor to the students at the hostel, meeting their demands in terms of provisions, saloons and toiletries.


The University Bakery is a standard bakery that marked for excellent tasty pastries and bread among others. It is fully equipped with and with lesser human contacts. It has the capacity to produce 3000 loaves per day.

Soft Drink Depot

The soft drink depots stock supplies which include Coca Cola, Pepsi and brands of refreshing drinks. The Venture stands in as a major distributor of the products in the University community and also satisfies the interest of the school environs with varieties of drinks.


The boutique stands among the best in terms of available quality wears. It is located close to the shopping mall to ease access by commuters. Everything including stockings, boxers/knickers/underpants, shirts, blouses, skirts, ladies handbags and shows for both sexes are sold at the LU boutique.


To advance in the provisions of all necessary facilities needed by students and staff to make safe, healthy and better living within the University community.


  • To manage the internally generated revenue (IGR) dynamics of the Landmark University
  • To generate legitimate revenue increase via the creation of service, production development rentals, sub-contracting, out-sourcing initiatives among others.
  • To develop various landmark brand of enterprises, such as may become additions to take-off facilities handed to LMDV at commencement of her operation.
  • To develop strategic policies that will facilitate the physical, commercial and economic growth of the enterprises.
  • Push up commercial activities and boost the appearance of landmark university branded products ranging from farm produce to tee-shirts.
  • Ensure that basic regulatory framework and standards are followed in all LMDV operations.