Acknowledging therichness of the untapped talents in the young persons that make the student populace of Landmark University, the Student Development platform which is predominantly driven from the Offices of the Dean and Sub Dean, Student Affairs; seek, encourage and provide platforms for students to harness their innate gifts and talents.

Strategies employed to achieve this include seeking opportunities for students to participate in relevant National and International academic and non-academic programmes, such as are found suitable for our context; encouraging and registering the formation of non-partisan Students’ Associations, within the provision of Student Handbook; providing, and approving students- organized Leadership Trainings and Leadership opportunities for students at different levels; organizing / monitoring the organizing of Students’ Parleys, Creativity shows, Cultural and Variety Nights, Academic and Non-Academic Seminars/Programmes; etc.

The Student Development platform also liaises with corporate and government bodies, as well as put necessary machineries in place for the processing and awards of Scholarship and Bursaries to our students.