The in-loco parentis role belief of the University, as well as the self-sufficient nature of the Campus, makes it mandatory to place a high premium on students’ welfare.

To cater effectively for this, the Welfare Subunit of the Directorate of Student Affairs was birthed. The responsibility of the Subunit revolves around monitoring students’ health related issues such as record of students’ Health Challenges as reported from the Residential Halls as well as the Health Centre, their daily in- and out- patient records, effective follow-up on use/administration of medication after discharge from the Health Centre, etc; with the view of taking requisite actions and making relevant recommendations as deemed fit per time.

In addition, the Administrative Officers deployed to the Subunit, serve as an interface between the goods and services providing civil, financial and commercial institutions situated within and outside the University; and the Students.

The Welfare Team also organizes regular quality assurance visits to the commercial centers around the Campus to ascertain that goods and service are provided under hygienic and decent environments, as well as in good quantity and quality. Regular price survey activities are embarked upon in order to discourage exploitation of students by goods and services providers.

Liaising with the Academic Departmental Offices through the various Colleges, the Welfare Team harvests the list of students with poor or non-attendance of lectures, and have them referred for professional counseling; while interactive forums are also initiated by the Directorate for such students and their parents.

Finally, they are responsible for working with the Residency platform, as well as the Student Representative Council in identifying financially challenged students; for necessary recommendations for welfare provisions through the Work Study Scheme, Chaplaincy’s Welfare Scheme, Student Council’s Kings’ Meal provision, etc.