• Opening new ticket
  • Checking ticket status

To open a new ticket

Visit http://ticket.lmu.edu.ng/

Click on Open A New ticket


Fill the new ticket form.

Note: The fields marked with asterisks (*) are compulsory, ensure you use your lmu webmail as your email address while opening the ticket so as for you to be able to track the ticket ID which will be sent to your lmu webmail.

new ticket

Then click on create ticket, a message will be displayed showing the ticket id which is also sent to the webmail address in order to track down response to the opened ticket.

created ticket

To check ticket status

Login to your lmu webmail and open the ticket sent message then click on the displayed link to view the response to the ticket.


The link opens the ticket response page where u can read and post reply to the answered ticket.

reply ticket

Note: if you want to track and update response to an existing ticket, you can do that by typing the ticket id and your lmu webmail address, there no need to open a new ticket regarding the same complaint.

To response to an existing ticket open http://ticket.lmu.edu.ng and click on check Ticket status and type in your lmu webmail address and the ticket ID

ticket status